Big Data Doesn't Know Why

Artificial intelligence provides some degree of who, what, where, when, how but not why.

Only causal reasoning can deliver the Why.

Introducing Meelo's Causal Reasoning: the Why of AI

Discover Context in Time (CIT)

Data driven businesses need artificial intelligence to automate big data analysis and knowledge transfer with speed and accuracy. Meelo Context in Time Artificial Intelligence (CIT AI) delivers new levels of clarity revealing causation, central topics, key events, and influential individuals – especially when there's a high degree of data heterogeneity and complexity.

timeline chronology of data

Connect Enterprise and Web with

Social media, PR monitoring, digital marketing, brand awareness, brand performance analytics
  • Brand Intelligence

    Value perception. Mindset Patterns. Behavior pattern mutations. Benchmarks.

  • Customer Intelligence

    Customer triggers. Optimize experiences. Customer needs. Demand drivers. Promoter value.

  • Risk Intelligence

    Risk detection. Compliance intelligence. Behavior monitoring. Causal behavior mapping.

  • Operational Intelligence

    Customer services optimization. Support training intelligence. Augmented customer services. Intent based information delivery.

  • Meelo Delivers

    500 Decision making rules per second. Cause and effect. Symbolic processing & learning. Voice recognition. Automated dialogue. Intent based search and analysis. Perception analysis.

Elevate Your Intelligence

Case Study: Defy Media

Ad Revenue Growth

The Gloss needed to grow ad revenue and audience base with limited editorial and budgets.

19% increase in revenue in just 4 months

Case Study: Country X

Perception Automation

Automation of the global image perception measure of Country X.

Successful proof of concept.

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